Technical Communication & Information Design

About the TCID Program

Technical Communication and Information Design (TCID) combines writing and communication with usability and design to bridge the gap between technology and users' experiences. The TCID program at UCCS covers several topics and skillsets, such as 

  • Technical editing and writing
  • User experience research and design
  • Grant and proposal writing
  • Website and document design
  • And more

TCID to Host International Professional Conference 

Date: October 27-29, 2022

TCID is proud to host the annual conference of the Council of Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication.

This international conference brings together scholars from around the world to discuss the most important and recent developments in the field of technical communication and investigates how to ensure TCID programs around the world meet the needs of students and the organizations that employ our graduates.

Curriculum Designed For Future Careers

With a basis in User Experience (UX), the TCID curriculum prepares students for a growing professional field and teaches the skills to make complex information accessible and understandable to people from all walks of life.

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