Technical Communication & Information Design Program

A hub for designers, writers, researchers, and collaborators

The new Bachelor of Arts in Technical Communication and Information Design degree at UCCS is one of only a few stand-alone technical communication programs in the country and will prepare students for the rapidly growing, high-salary career fields of user experience design, technical writing, web creation, business and professional writing and more. TCID at UCCS has user experience as its foundation, dedicated to making complex information available to users in an increasingly technical society. Additionally, the program facilitates access and equity, making complex technology accessible and understandable to people of all walks of life.


TCID is a versatile field allowing professionals to move in several directions, including technical writing, usability and user experience, web creation, instructional design, editing, journalism, non-profit writing, medical writing, and information design. It is a discipline that puts people first, providing access to information and technology and adapting technologies to people’s needs.

If you ever hoped to pursue a career in technology but always excelled at writing over math and science, this field may be a perfect fit for you. Utilizing your talents in communication, writing, information, and user experience, you may find an opportunity in connecting technology with people.

More Reasons to Believe

  1. 11,000 unfilled jobs

    In the next decade, there will be nearly eleven-thousand unfilled jobs (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics in the field of technical communication and information design).

  2. 19

    That's the number of students in each class. We've capped our class sizes to keep them small, ensuring your success inside and outside of the classroom. 

  3. Real Careers

    Our coursework is tied to real careers, with curriculum designed to give you a foundation of theory, technology, and practical application, with the added enhancements of collaboration and industry partnership.

  4. Career-focused Courses

    Here's a sampling of the courses you'll take as a TCID major: 

    -    UX Research Methods
    -    UX Design Principles
    -    Document Design
    -    Iterative Design Projects
    -    Grant and Proposal Writing
    -    Information Architecture
    -    And much more!

  5. Industry Internships

    A TCID internship offers practical industry experience that encourages skill-building in a career path that interests you, and it provides you with real-world contacts for launching your career.

  6. In-person. Online.

    TCID at UCCS offers both online and in-person options for your coursework with most upper division coursework in-person. 

  7. $72,000

    According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median income for professions associated with this degree is over $72,000 per year.

Kyle, Graduate of the 2020 class
Employed following graduation

“I got a job immediately after graduating the UCCS TCID program as a direct result of my work, a dynamic and applied education, and the growing network of professionals that have come from this program.”

– Kyle, Class of 2020

In-demand Careers
The demand for TCID graduates is booming, with the field growing at 22% in Colorado and 10% nationally. Colorado Springs is rated among the ten fastest growing areas for technical communication in the United States by the annual STC Salary Database:

Technical Writer
Documentation Specialist
Copy Writer
Copy Editor
Content Strategist
Information Architect
Media Specialist
User Experience Designer
Usability Specialist
And many others…


About Our College

The College of Letters, Arts and Sciences at the University of Colorado Colorado Springs is an innovative, exciting, and dedicated collection of faculty, staff, and students comprising the largest college within UCCS.

Our faculty teach you to think, to create, to communicate – skills vital to today’s employers and graduate and professional schools. Outside the classroom, opportunities abound for internships and one-on-one research with faculty.

We stand ready to fuel your future backed by programs tied to real careers. 



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Degree Offerings

  • BA in Technical Communication & Information Design

    Graduates of the TCID program will have:
    -    The ability to write clearly and correctly for specific audiences who are directed by clearly defined pragmatic purposes
    -    The ability to assess and to learn new technologies
    -    The ability to collaborate with people from diverse backgrounds, including co‐workers, subject‐matter experts, and end users
    -    The ability to manage complex projects and to ethically manage the work of others
    -    The ability to communicate fluently in multiple media formats
    -    The ability to conduct user research on complex products or services and to communicate that research to diverse audience (source)

    The Bachelor of Arts in TCID will include 36 hours in these core competencies spread among five areas, TCID Foundations, TCID Practice & Theory, Advanced Practice and Theory, Diversity Topics in TCID, and a senior TCID Portfolio. Students will also be required to complete a nine‐hour “track” or concentration within the degree which complements the core competencies and enables students to focus in an area of individual interest. Those concentrations currently include Non‐Profit and Organizational Writing, Design & Media, and Programming Foundations.

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  • Minor in Technical Communication & Info Design

    Diversify your major by gaining the skill and ability to communicate better in your field. Explore a minor in the TCID program. 

    Minor PDF

  • Minor in User Experience (UX)

    Expand your skillset with this User Experience minor offering within the TCID program. 

    Minor PDF

  • Certificates

    Certificates in PTW and UX are also available for students who have already earned a Bachelor’s degree.

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