TCID Bachelor's Degree

TCID Bachelor's Degree

Program Delivery

On Campus, Online, Hybrid

Total Credits

120 Credits

About the Technical Communication & Information Design Degree

The B.A. in Technical Communication & Information Design (TCID) emphasizes the intersection of people and technology. One of the few stand-alone technical communication departments in the country, the curriculum prepares students for careers in high-demand fields such as technical writing, content management, information design, web creation, and more.

Focus of Study

  • Technical Writing & Editing
  • User Experience Research & Design
  • Content & Project Management
  • Technological Adaptability
  • Iterative Multimedia Design
  • Collaboration with people of diverse backgrounds

Degree Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts in TCID includes 36 hours of degree requirements in addition to the general education requirements. In addition to core program instruction, students must obtain nine hours of instruction within their chosen specialization track.

Specialization Track Options

Degree Coursework

General Studies 75 Credit Hours
Core TCID Studies 36 Credit Hours
Specialized Track 9 Credit Hours
Total Credit Hours 120 Credit Hours

Core TCID Studies

Introduction to Technical Communication and Information Design:

TCID 2080: Business and Admin Writing OR
TCID 2090: Technical Writing and Presentation
15 Credit Hours
ENGL 3110: Advanced Grammar
TCID 3120: Technical Editing and Style
TCID 3100: Foundations of TCID
TCID 3860: UX Research Methods
TCID 3130: Web and Print Design OR
TCID 3865: UX Design Principles

TCID Practice and Theory: Choose (3) Courses

TCID 3080: Advanced Business and Technical Writing 9 Credit Hours
TCID 3140: Iterative Design Projects
TCID 3150: TCID Internship
TCID 3160: Technological Adaptivity
TCID 3750: Grant and Proposal Writing
TCID 3850: Advanced Topics in TCID

Advanced Theory and Practice:

TCID 4060: Diversity Topics in TCID OR
TCID 4065: Intercultural Topics in TCID
12 Credit Hours
TCID 4080: Special Topics in TCID
TCID 4090: Senior TCID Portfolio Seminar


Total Core Studies Requirements:


36 Credit Hours