About TCID

About the TCID Program at UCCS

Founded in 2020, the TCID program exists within the College of Letters, Arts, and Sciences and provides students with interdisciplinary coursework that includes a strong emphasis on diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Combining Communication and Technology

UCCS offers the only specialized technical communication and information design degree offered in Colorado.

The program's course curriculum is designed to give students a strong foundation of theory, technology, and practical application with deep industry collaborations and partnerships. 

Mission Statement

TCID prepares students to effectively, ethically, and critically participate in diverse career paths that employ the core competencies delivered in our department the ability to

  • Conduct user research on complex products or services and communicate that research to diverse audiences
  • Write clearly and correctly for specific audiences who are directed by clearly defined purposes
  • Manage complex projects by empathetically and ethically managing the work of others
  • Assess and learn new technologies
  • Craft communication in multiple media formats
  • Collaborate and communicate respectfully with people from diverse backgrounds who possess different abilities

DEI Statement

The Technical Communication and Information Design Department affirms the rights of all faculty, staff, and students to participate in an environment that appreciates and values every individual’s unique contribution to our shared community through the honest, respectful, and open exchange of ideas, perspectives, and beliefs.

TCID is committed to helping all members of our community achieve their personal and professional potential, and we are equally committed to increasing support for, and representation of, individuals historically excluded from higher education opportunities and the profession of technical communication and information design.