Additional Program Offerings

Additional Program Offerings

TCID Badges & Certificates

In addition to the degree programs, TCID offers four badges. The TCID badges are intended for students just beginning their careers and for community members with little or no experience interested in TCID. Students in the badges meet concurrently with undergraduate students in regular TCID courses.

User Experience Research and Design

Participants learn the essentials of user experience (UX) — including research, design, iterative design, usability testing, and technological adaptability — and build a portfolio of projects that includes prototypes, user personas, and scenarios created using industry-standard tools, methods, and software. 

Information Design

Participants learn the essentials of information design (ID) — including researching an audience's needs and presenting information in a way that is easily accessible, usable, and understandable to specific audiences with specific needs.

Iterative Design Practices

Participants learn the essentials of iterative design practices (IDP) — including tools and methods for prototyping, testing, evaluating, and creating communication products that meet the needs of specific audiences. This program includes basic project management skills used in document management projects. 

Technical Communication Foundations

Participants within this program learn the essentials of technical communication, including the principles of technical writing, technical editing, document design, collaboration, and user-centered design, and will build a project portfolio.