Senior Portfolio & Presentation

Senior Portfolio & Presentation

To complete your degree, you will develop a professional portfolio in TCID 4090, the Summit Course in your degree plan.

During the spring semester of your senior year. Your work in this class includes creating a portfolio that shows the depth and breadth of your abilities in the field, as represented by projects completed throughout your time at UCCS.

The senior portfolio is a physical compilation of the written, visual, digital, and design work that represents you as a professional. In addition to a transmittal letter and resume, the portfolio will contain examples of your reports, prototypes, web pages, infographics, project management tools, and more!

Want to see some great examples of portfolios? Please contact the Director of the TCID program to set up an appointment to view a few.

Image: Seniors after Senior Portfolio presentations (May 2019)

In addition to creating a portfolio, you will develop a multimedia presentation highlighting your achievements, work and lessons-learned. Senior presentations are exhilarating—and a milestone in your academic career! You will deliver your presentation to an audience of TCID  faculty, TCID alumni and local business/non-profit partners, with the opportunity to answer their questions… and ask questions, too!

We cannot wait to see the unique strengths and abilities you’ll demonstrate as a result of your effort and dedication in the TCID program!



Who is my audience for the portfolio?
What is my purpose in creating a porfolio?
When and where is it due?
Do I get to keep my portfolio?
What if I don't complete a portfolio?
What is the transmittal letter?
What is the professional development history?
Do I include the professional development history in the portfolio?
What are the guidelines for the resume?
What is the professional development history?
Who is my audience?
Where does the professional development history go?
What are the guidelines for the resume?
What is the senior presentation?
What is my purpose in the senior presentation?
Why is my presentation archived?
Where are the presentations held?
How do I prepare for the presentation?
What do I bring to the presentation?
Will I be graded on my presentation?
How do I sign up for presentations?
What if I don't complete a presentation?