We’ll help you plot a course!

Because TCID and UX professionals often work closely with web developers and engineers, we recommend pairing coursework with on-the-job experience through an internship or shadowing opportunity. An advisor can help you plan for an internship, and potentially help you locate one that is a perfect fit for your unique abilities and goals. And you can receive course credit, too!

Connect with Dr. Sean Williams if you're interested in pursuing an internship. 

Internships in TCID

"I jumped through many hoops to land an internship…and was getting discouraged. Through the recommendation of Dr. Ilyasova, I attended the 2017 Senior Presentations. It was at the presentations that I met a rep from a local company, Cosmic AES, and--within the week--landed an intern position! I am so incredibly grateful for this internship; I have had access to both training and supervision with clear communication as to what is expected of me. Through Dr. Ilyasova and my mentor at Cosmic, I am given structured and constructive information and experience that tackles my strengths and (grumble) weaknesses. I am learning and growing!"

–Carol, graduate of the TCID program. 

Invest in Yourself!

Did you know that students who have interned in their field will typically receive a starting salary nearly 10% greater than those who have no experience?

The TCID program at UCCS values hands-on experience in the field, from technical writing, content management, and editing to social media marketing, proposal and grant writing, and web/document design. Students typically complete internships (TCID 3150) during their junior or senior year, and often during the summer months. And while internships are not required, we encourage you to consider pursuing an internship opportunity as a way to further define your career interests and increase your marketability to future employers.

Our students have partnered with many local business and non-profits to complete internships that not only earn academic credit (TCID 3150), but improve their industry knowledge and help them expand their professional network!

Here’s a short list of some of the awesome organizations where our students have interned in recent years:

Landing an Internship

To complete an internship for credit, you’ll follow this easy timeline:

  1. One full semester prior to when you’d like to complete an internship, meet with the TCID Director to state your intent and discuss internship options.
  2. Work with the Director or other TCID faculty member to update your resume and talk about cover letter strategies.
  3. Send out inquiries to organizations with whom you are interested in gaining experience and/or apply for formal internship opportunities.
  4. Once you secure an interview, update the TCID Director.
  5. Finally, once you’ve secured an internship, meet with the TCID Director to review the internship requirements and your plan to register for/complete TCID 3150.

Who knows? Your internship may guide you toward new interests in the field, or even lead to a full-time job!