Academic & Career Opportunities

Academic & Career Opportunities

The future is bright....

Because TCID and UX professionals often work closely with web developers and engineers, we recommend pairing coursework with on-the-job experience through an internship or shadowing opportunity. An advisor can help you plan for an internship, and potentially help you locate one that is a perfect fit for your unique abilities and goals.

In addition to helping you plan for an internship, our faculty can help you better understand the career paths available to you as you gain new competencies and experiences. You’ll soon discover many jobs that combine your love of clear and precise communication, content design, audience analysis, and knack for asking the right questions!

As a TCID and UX professional, you may enjoy networking with others who have your same interests, as well as staying current on developing conversations and trends in the field. The organizations who actively work to advance both the study and practice of our field are top-notch resources for both students and working professionals.

Whether you are seeking internship or scholarship information, ready to talk about career paths, or are curious about which professional organizations, publications and conferences we recommend, our faculty are here to talk with you and help you consider your options!